R’s 27th Birthday

My dear R,

Happy birthday! I hope today brings you reminders of all that is good in your life, of how deeply you are loved, and of the promise of a bright future.

I celebrate you as I have the past few years: I’ve given S a card to deliver to you, and I’ve created an album on fb. It’s an important ritual for me. I enjoy celebrating each one of you on your birthdays. Whether we are speaking or not doesn’t change that. I look thru 18 years’ worth of photographs and have a hell of a time choosing the four or five that I’ll include. I smile often and tear up a little. I’m so grateful for the happy memories that arise as I look thru our family albums.

Thank you for all you shared with me. Thank you for teaching me so much, and for inspiring me simply by being who you are. I’m glad I got to be your mom.

Be well and happy, R. You deserve that.




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