A Motherly Thought

I have a thought about L’s options for school this fall. If you choose to do PSEO, consider staying at W or else fill in the academic gaps with homeschooling. My thinking behind the suggestion is like this:

You’ve already started three new high schools in two years; that’s got to be rough, emotionally and academically. Why put yourself through it again? Especially when you’ll be adapting to a college environment. That’s challenge enough. You’re likely to have a hard time finding your place at a new high school if you’re only there part-time. Staying at W, even if it’s not the best fit, will at least be familiar and provide a base of consistency. You can continue to get your social fix through work and the bmx friends you’ve made, and you can reduce your stress level by making only one major change instead of two.

The homeschooling option makes sense too, especially if you’re taking several classes through PSEO. There wouldn’t be a lot of required classes to keep up with, and there are certainly plenty of curricula available out there, or even learning co-ops (like where we used to go on Thursdays). I would expect there to be some accountability on your part, but I’m sure you could manage. The only question is, would that be allowed under state rules? Since you’d be registering with the college with transcripts from W, maybe they expect you to stay in an “official” school. But maybe not. You’re old enough to be self-motivated, and it’s my understanding that with dad’s several part-time endeavors he would have plenty of availability to help.

I hope you are working things out to your benefit, L. This isn’t how I wanted or expected your education to go. I really thought we’d find a way to keep up the homeschooling, despite the changing circumstances. I’ve seen others do it, and I think R & T benefited in the long run from their experience. But life is change, and we learn to roll with them or shape them… whatever works best given the situation.

Remember, I believe in you; you can ask for what you need, and find a way to make things work. You’re never alone. You are very loved, by many people. And me.



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