Weekend Storms

Sunday Evening.

We certainly got hit with a lot of storms this weekend, didn’t we? I saw pictures from the damage in M, and recognized the area mentioned as near where all of you are. One of the pictures was of a large tree down on R’s campus, so I know it hit close to home. My first instinct is to wonder how you all fared… did you have trees down too? power go out? garbage cans or outdoor chairs go tumbling? where were you when they came through? I saw photographs of trees on cars and heard about streets flooding up to the tops of car windows; I can’t help but wish I could hear your stories too. I resisted the urge to inquire, not wanting to cross the boundaries you’ve set. Please know, though, that I thought about you.

I didn’t realize the storms’ impact until I went into work each day. Friday morning, customers reported that nearby shops were closed due to power outages and the stoplights were out as well, not even flashing red. Saturday, more reports of lost power or continued outages. This morning, a coworker said she and her family stayed in a hotel last night because they still had no electricity and no water. Guess I’m far enough north; my area wasn’t hit hard. I had power and the apartment complex didn’t lose trees, just a whole lotta leaves.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all okay. I like to think someone would let me know if you weren’t. I miss sharing the stories, from the everyday to the adventurous, like this weekend provided. I also like to think the days of sharing stories will come again.

I love you!



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