What I Know

You are out there in the world, and I couldn’t even begin to guess what you are doing, with whom, for how long, or where. I couldn’t say what you did yesterday or the day before. I can’t say what you’ll do tomorrow or the day after.

I can say this, however: not knowing doesn’t impact my love for you.

It isn’t that I don’t wonder about those things. I do. On a long weekend like this my mind imagines possibilities… a barbecue, a trip up north, a family bike ride, even just hanging out together watching a movie or chatting in the back yard. On average days I picture you at school, having dinner, sharing evening conversation, doing homework. I wonder what kind of chores you do, when you get a chance to see friends, what new interests are being sparked. But even as I wonder how or what you’re doing, I know… not knowing doesn’t change how much I love you.

If anything, not knowing any of this right now has reinforced the certainty of my love. Even without contact, this love stretches past the limits of time and space and gives me a sense of peace and purpose that transcends every obstacle.

Every day, I pause and hold you consciously in my thoughts. Sometimes there is a sting of sadness because we have been long apart, but always, always, always, there is a sense of expansive, encompassing, embracing love.

This is what I know, with unwavering certainty: you are in my heart.



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