Unexpected Encounter

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when I ran into PM; he didn’t recognize me until I reminded him that I am R’s mom. I probably haven’t seen him since R broke up with him… how many years ago now? Five, at least, I’m guessing.

He looked much the same; if anything was different, it was his confidence. He stood taller, and more relaxed. He’s still reserved; doesn’t say much, just like years ago. That put the load of conversation on me, and it’s likely I went on a little too much with a little too much enthusiasm. Oh well, that’s one of the benefits of getting old; you care less what people think.

We didn’t talk for long, though. He was hanging out with a friend and I was on a short break from a writing class. Still, it was surprisingly good to see him and chat for the brief time we did. It doesn’t take much for memories of our family life to be stirred up, and seeing him did just that. Revisiting them was like stepping into a patch of sunshine on a spring day. How grateful I am to carry so much warmth in my heart.

How grateful I am for you.

I love you.



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