It was such an unlikely sight; I wasn’t sure I actually saw what I thought I saw. I turned the car around and drove by again. Yes, it really was T. at the end of E.J.’s driveway, standing next to her car. I had recognized her beautiful red coat and then her hair, that “signature-T.” style. Dad was there with her, decked out in his usual black snowmobile jacket and his own “signature” hat. Though puzzled at first, I quickly remembered that E.’s is a great location from which to sell a car. Sure enough, as I headed north again, towards home, I saw Dad writing a price and his phone number on the windshield.

Wow… It’s no surprise I wondered if it was really T.; the coincidence that I should be driving by just as you were standing there for those few minutes was astoundingly stunning.

But, of course, dad knows I was in town; he’d left my mugs and some paperwork at S.N.’s office. I was headed home using the most direct route: the county road that runs right past E.’s house.

It was good to see you again, even in the fleeting moments from my car. Maybe it was the clear, blue sky filled with bright, spring sunshine – or maybe it was just the comforting familiarity of your coat, your hair, your movements; but I smiled to myself, feeling a warm happiness at the chance occurrence. The unexpected sighting reminded me that the world is smaller than we think, and we are connected in ways we cannot perceive from our limited vantage points. I considered stopping, but it was the shortest of passing thoughts. What would be the point? I have no interest in working against you. My appearance certainly would have been startling in this case and done us little good. It was enough today to see you and feel the love for you that is always there.

Be well, beloved daughter, and remember that no matter where you are, there is never distance between hearts.

I love you.



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One Response to Synchronicity*

  1. Kim says:

    Your writing often makes my heart burst with warmth and love. I FEEL the love for your children.

    You are an amazing writer!

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